You might still have some questions so we’ve put together the most commonly asked questions and answers for you.

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Wedding Planning seems glamorous on TV and in the movies. If your desire is to shop, beautify and style, you’ll be surprised to know that these take up less than 25% of the process. Wedding Planning is logistics... Think budgets, spreadsheets, calendars, follow-ups, confirmations, oversight and floor plans….

Weddings require an extensive amount of time, planning and organization.  Your time is money and the average wedding can take more than 150-200 hours to plan & execute, and has 15-20 vendors to oversee.  Add in a few DIY projects, wedding research and your well on your way to a full time job…  For most brides that role is already filled.  A planner does the legwork keeping your time free.  Your planner will create a working outline for your detailed vision and can source the appropriate vendors to match your style and budget while handling the communication on your behalf in order to provide you with the best selections.

Having a planner allows you to relax on your wedding day and to enjoy every moment by acting as a guest rather than a host!  Weddings are a production and your planner will act as the administrator to ensure no detail is overlooked. Your planner will keep you on schedule with reminders, updates and frequent check-in’s.  You will be able to focus your time on making decisions instead of having to research, set-up appointments, phone conferences, review numerous emails and compare countless services.  It is easy for a Bride to become overwhelmed by the hundreds of questions being thrown at you by suppliers, vendors, friends and family.  Pretty Chic Events steps in as your go-between to keep you away from the unnecessary pressures.


Will I still be in control of my wedding if I hire a wedding planner?

Absolutely! You are the boss…not the caterer, the venue or the florist. Your wedding planner will keep everyone in-check.  Each individual interprets words and descriptions in a different way.  For some the vision of romantic can mean crystal chandeliers, a stunning ballroom and abundant flower arrangements.  For another it can mean candlelight, vintage table settings, and a tent with flowing drapery overhead.  Your wedding planner understands your vision and will always follow your direction and wishes while communicating clearly with your vendors making sure that your vision comes to life. 


Can hiring a wedding planner save us money?

Having a planner can save you money.  When it comes to finding vendors and executing your vision wedding planners are experienced in keeping to strict budgets and will take the time to find a suitable supplier within your requirements.  Through years of experience and connections your planner will work to source the best pricing and extend any discounts for services directly to you.

How do wedding planners charge?

Wedding planners often charge in one of three ways or a combination of a flat rate, hourly rate and a percentage of your overall wedding bill. 

At Pretty Chic Events we offer our services for a flat fee and will never charge you an additional percentage fee. We feel this is the best service to you.  Once you select the service level that best fits your needs, you know exactly what you are getting and how much you need to budget for.

Others may charge you an upfront fee and then also charge a percentage based on your overall budget. Unfortunately with this system the costs can sky rocket, especially if you have a larger budget or choose to increase your budget during the planning process. What may initially look like a $3000 fee can easily double into a $6000 fee. Just because your wedding may have a larger budget doesn’t necessarily mean that there is more work involved from your planner.

Paying by the hour is an option that is not recommended. It is almost impossible to accurately estimate how much time you will need during the planning process. While it may seem affordable at first it usually costs you a lot more by the time the wedding is completed.

What other roles does a wedding planner take on?

Design and creativity attribute to a quarter of the planning equation.  While beautifying the event is important, you need someone with extensive experience who can offer advice, sort through ideas and provide alternatives…their knowledge becomes yours guiding you throughout the planning process in order to bring your vision to life.  A wedding planner knows what works and what doesn’t, they understands what elements of your event need to be watched over more closely and where timing is key.  

Bringing the experience of being behind the scenes and overseeing your vendors, add in the wedding party and guests and you’ll have countless people to coordinate, instruct and answer questions for.  Your planner will take on the role of a neutral third party to offer advice for any situations that may arise and work on your behalf to diplomatically resolve any differences.

Wedding planners are essential to the success of an event and can be the difference between an A-class event and having day-of mishaps or running out of time and missing out on special moments. Wedding planners are accustomed to juggling many tasks at once and I promise the time flies by faster than you think on your wedding day!  

I will be honest, there is always, and I mean always, something that goes wrong at a wedding. It takes countless hours of on-site experience to learn the ability to multi-task, think on your feet and provide damage control with grace and professionalism.  

Having a wedding planner will keep the headache and fuss away from the Bride and Groom to ensure the happy couple has the most surreal experience. 

Is a venue coordinator the same as a wedding planner?

The answer is no.  Each is a valuable tool to the Bride, but their responsibilities and areas of concern differ greatly. 

Venue coordinators are employees of the location in which they work.  They are a contact between the Bride and Groom and the venue.  Venue Coordinators are responsible for contracting the venues services for you… showing the location, discussing your food/beverage/catering options, contracting and processing an invoice for the venues services and making the venue open and available for the time frame you have selected on your wedding day. When working with a venue coordinator you may work with one person throughout the planning process but there is no guarantee that you will be provided with the same staff member on your big day.  The venue’s main focus is to deliver their contracted services and often the venue coordinator will depart once the meal has been served. Keep in mind that not all venue coordinators are also the venues caterer, so the food and beverage set-up may be a completely separate vendor.  Venue coordinators are a valuable asset to the wedding, however it is important that couples understand the difference in responsibilities, as they are responsible for only one portion of the big day.

A wedding planner’s role is one of your personal liaison, keeping a detailed focus on the big picture, have dialogue with all vendors and overseeing every aspect of your event from the initial planning stages through wedding day preparations.  This includes creating schedules and itineraries for all vendors while managing and executing precise timing the day of your wedding.  Your planner will guide you through your ceremony, processional, cocktail hour transition, grand entrance, reception, speeches, dancing, etc..  Your planner works seamlessly with each of your vendors to ensure smooth transitions, quality set-up, troubleshooting, vendor coordination and more.  No matter what level of service you request from your wedding planner, they will be there to ensure flawless execution and exceed your expectations.

The main difference is that a venue coordinator works for the needs of a venue to carry out the specific requirements of your contract smoothly.  A wedding planner works for you to communicate with every vendor and oversee all aspects of your event to ensure a flawless wedding day.

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